Featured on Blank design book

Kreativehouse Pasticcini’s stationery and Insekta’s design series are featured on ArtPower “Blank”, a book ok printing. Now after adding all kinds of amazing ideas, these blank pages of paper become fabulous design works which not only represent the designers’ thoughts but also their passion for design.

Charming, practical and well-edited, this book is a rare enlightening reference to the latest unique prints of the most ingenious designers from around the world, featuring a rich and diverse selection of cutting-edge print works, including the printings of books, magazines, samples, posters, picture albums, stickers, DM sheets, file folders, product-specifications, wall calendars, desk calendars, package boxes, handbags, as well as various materials enterprises need for market promotion.

This book does not only take you on the journey through a wide range of styles of prints, but provides you with an in-depth insight into the trends and development of contemporary printings, by combining the technical aspects with the inspirational. More than 40 designers from worldwide were included in this book, they are VONSUNG, Brown & White Creative, Fuse, G-MAN, KentLyons, Mind Design, Morse Studio, Purpose, Research Studios, Tadas Karpaviius, Thompson Brand Partners, Cristian Grossi, Thorbjrn Ankerstjerne, Dario Verrengia, Lundgren+Lindqvist, Yasuko Ikeda, Ministry of Design, Edwin Tan, Anagrama, Kreativehouse, Yomesubo and so on.