Ver Sacrum, the sad Turing machine

Ver Sacrum artwork has been selected to be a real gold foil print in 10 limited edition pieces. The image is made of more than 300 anatomical drawings showing human body organs and membranes (among them pancreas, lungs, brain, testicles). At one time celebrating and rethinking the Jugendstil style affected by digital contaminations.

One of these unique prints with real gold foil can be bought gift art design poster. The gain from the sale will support the creation of a fully golden plated  illustrations book exhibited at Tate Bookshop, London. A rare example of publishing project which celebrates the Amelia magazine’s 10th anniversary, one of the most prestigious english magazine in design and contemporary illustration trends research.


Apparati 2, 4, 3. Studio per Ver Sacrum, 2014

33 working days have been  required to develop “Ver sacrum” illustration, the allegory of the human being creation. Two feminine featured demiurges are putting together a newborn,  Turing machine model conceived.

Ver Sacrum, mixed media, 2014

Ver Sacrum, mixed media, 2014