Mordila forte la musica

I hate easiness. I like obstacles. I want to feel energy hard at work. Romance and excitement, you know?


Ver Sacrum

L’opera Ver Sacrum è stata selezionata per essere stampata con vero oro zecchino in 10 esemplari unici al mondo.  Il progetto è uno dei…


ArtMarket, contemporary Supermaket

An exhibition in an unusual location: an open floor plan, once the site of an italian Supermarket. A collective of nineteen artists featured on…


Featured on Blank design book

Kreativehouse Pasticcini’s stationery and Insekta’s design series are featured on ArtPower “Blank”, a book ok printing. Now after adding all kinds of amazing ideas,…

Fashion illustrated scarves

The scarf meets contemporary illustration (Vogue). Ariel is the illustrated scarved capsule collection created from a set of drawings by Cristian Grossi decorations that…