ArtMarket, contemporary Supermaket


An exhibition in an unusual location: an open floor plan, once the site of an italian Supermarket. A collective of nineteen artists featured on the national scene. After Andy Warhol, here you are a supermarket exhibition. Thus was born ART MARKET curated by Adele Dell’Erario, an event that part of the proposal by the diversity of contemporary art , the variety of forms of expression , to give the viewer the idea of ​​being right in front of the same breadth of products in a supermarket .

From this starting point ARTMARKET proposes a reflection on how the consumption of art in our society and the current inability of the concrete development of the contemporary art scene , not only as an opportunity for economic development, but above all as a reason for collective cultural growth. On display are the works of Alessandro Martinelli, Nicola Testoni Sabrina Baruzzi, Federico Galli, Francesco Bevini, Gianni Renna, Klaus Morgue, Andrea Leone , Andrea Cucchi , Cristian Grossi, Arianna Lerussi, Federica De Ruvo, Yuri Lonis, Ghelardini Lorenzo, Fabrizio Caboni Laura Bisotti, Anita Francesca Modotti, Afa, Monia Dreams. On display until June 19, 2011 Via De Cristofori 18 Vergato BO .

Cristian Grossi exhibition