roBOt Festival #digitalvertigo

Palazzo Re Enzo, Bologna — Last year he participated in roBOt as an artist, identified through the call call4roBOt, while this year he is the author who signs the graphic image of roBOt Festival.
His name is Cristian Grossi and his interpretation of the #digitalvertigo is immediate and colorful, combining visual design and alphanumeric processing.

An army of geometric demiurges invaded Bologna: from posters to invitations, from tote bags to t-shirts, from the catalog to the visual set on the stages of this incredible edition. Ancestral masks obtained by projecting on Nyquist diagrams information statistics that move along the channels of social networks: from simple hashtag memes carried by the more complex conversations between humans, decomposed by the method of Markov chains. A dizzy and perfect vertigo.

Cristian Grossi is a designer and illustrator. In life, designer for advertising and fashion, able to search the changing balance between kitsch and formal elegance, with a passion never hidden for liberty and art deco. He works with different techniques and media, from ink to digital.

robot festival bologna cristian grossi digital artist