Everyone can be a Superstar

The video art project exhibited at Andy Warhol, The New Factory show (Fondazione Magnani Rocca) is inspired by the skilled (analog) social networker. The video art installation focuses on the perverse and interesting relationship between the model and the observer, the living art opera and the fiction. Decades before reality shows, Warhol explored the interesting dynamics of real life hyper characters, predating the hyper-personal outlets now provided online.

Cristian Grossi’s Everyone Can Be A Superstar (22 min) is a strong Warhol captured life’s every minute detail in all its messy, ordinary glamour and broadcast it through his work, through the eyes of the stars he found of the street. From the underground poetry of the aspiring celebrities to the fallen myths.

Everyone can be a SUPERSTAR (22 min), video art installation loop, Fondazione Magnani Rocca (Parma) – Italy.