Minimondi, Festival dell’illustrazione per ragazzi.


Cristian Grossi exhibits for Minimondi Festival of Literature and illustration for children and adults.
The artist’s works will be exhibited at Fiaccadori until 7 March.

(from: Parmadaily) The intimate world of Cristian Grossi is always an exciting discovery. The exhibition focuses on a fruitful world of unusual beings, suspicious, smug, sometimes wary or scary, engaging in cryptic feats, but always sweet in their aware-dense-coexistence.
The illustrations ecosystem becomes emotional, sometimes realms of the obscure traditions imbued with melancholy sweetness (Tribute to King Zafferano, 2008).
The conflict is there, and it’s always the same, that between rigid immaculate purity and kitsch, between geometry and minimalist disastrous explosion of emotional turmoil. Too many surprises discoveries, too many hidden secrets. To observe all in one breath.

Cristian Grossi interview for Minimondi